We hope to att least answer some of your questions here.

01.Do I have to become a L1FE-member first in order to have personal training sessions?

Not at all, the membership/Personall Coaching package is not necessary for that! We are offering personal training daily passes (20,00 Euro) for all of you who want to train with a personal trainer only.

02.Do you have your own gym or do you train your clients at their homes or in the park?

Our studio is located at Luginsland 1, 601313 Frankfurt am Main. It’s right at the well-known Goethestraße – next to Alte Oper.

03.What are the costs for personal training sessions?

Nur so können wir garantieren das jeweils optimale Paket präsentiert zu haben. You can choose from many different personal training packages so we can customize all the training sessions according to your needs. We have to talk about your goals first and only after assessing your levels of coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance we can work out what’s best for you. Only this way we can guarantee to advise you the best way possibe.

04.What's your training philosophy like?

At L1FE we basically train with free weights and your own bodyweight only. You’re not going to find any of those “fancy and calssical” machines. We firmly believe in training natural movement patterns is the best way to attain a healthy and strong body.

05.Do you offer classes as well?

Für alle, die gerne in Gemeinschaft trainieren möchten haben wir unser Kleingruppentraining im Angebot. Ein Personal Trainer betreut dabei eine Gruppe von 2-5 Personen – so können wir hochwertiges Personal Training auch mit mehreren Teilnehmern garantieren. We are offering small group personal training for all of you who like to train with other people. One of our personal trainers will always go through all the exercises with you and help you the best way possible. With a group of 2 to 5 we can sstill make sure that you will get a session close to your 1 on 1 personal training sessions.

06.I'm only going to be in Frankfurt for a month or two. Do you have a training package that suits me as well?

We have daily, weekly or monthly passes for everybody who is just visiting Frankfurt or those making a business trip. No membership needed. For more info on that go to COSTS AND RATES or go to CONTACT and send us a message.

Mon to Thu07:00 - 14:00/15:30 - 21:30
Fri07:00 - 14:00/15:30 - 20:00
Sat and Sun10:00 - 16:00
Karte von Frankfurter Innenstadt mit Personal Training Studio L1FE

Luginsland 1
         60313 Frankfurt am Main

  069 – 67777730


Luginsland 1
         60313 Frankfurt am Main

  069 – 67777730

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